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These Lessons are for Everyone!!!

"I recommend this book to all men young and old. There are lessons that can be learned and/or renewed. I am a woman and still found great value in it, my son is reading it and we can discuss the lessons and how they relate to his life and journey. This book is a blessing to all who are open to receive."

Aundrell Patterson


Lessons on Integrity

Be YOU!  God did not make any copies. He made you as an utterly unique individual, not even a rarity. You are utterly and uniquely one-of-one. This should speak to your confidence and your self-worth. There is absolutely no one in all of creation that has ever been or will ever be YOU.

So why would YOU want to be someone else?

Lessons On Purpose

Don’t confuse the worth of a thing with its value. Value is relative worth. You could have one billion dollars worth of rubies, diamonds, and gold but, to a man starving in the desert, those jewels are not as valuable as a clean fresh glass of cool water. He will trade all that treasure away, because relatively speaking, those jewels not are not valuable to him.

Lessons On Girls

She is a creation of necessity!

She is His final masterpiece. She is His Sistine Chapel! His 9th Symphony! Her eyes and smile are His workmanship. Her heart is a carbon copy of his and her hands have healing in them. When He made her He looked at EVERYTHING He had made and said, “This is VERY GOOD!"

And all the men said... AMEN!

Pastor Donte Banks is a Pastor and Worship Leader from San Antonio TX. His approach to delivering God’s word in a way that is simple, concise, anointed, and relevant, as well as his heart for worship has made him a sought after teacher and worship leader in his city.


Despite a rigorous childhood weighted with drug and alcohol abuse by both his parents and becoming a father at a very young age, God’s Plan prevailed in his life. He has a testimony of triumph! Victory stands in the place where fear, doubt, defeat, and unbelief used to reside.


Pastor Donte is also an accomplished songwriter, musical director, published poet, author, and a certified IT specialist. He would say that his greatest titles are Husband to his Wife Tabitha and Father to his sons Dominique and Saivon.

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